Lyn Rodden

"the art of jazz"

Welcome to the official website of artist Lyn Rodden

Lyn Rodden is an artist who works in acrylic, ink, watercolour, oil and etching.

She is best known for her black and white paintings of Jazz Musicians.

Some examples of her work are contained within this website.

Lyn Rodden was born in Kenya and moved to England in her teens. She studied fine art at Harrow, Winchester and Amersham Art Colleges in the UK. Her studio is in Buckinghamshire where she lives with her family.

Lyn exhibits in England, America, Switzerland and France.

She was the featured artist at the

  • 'Central Florida Book, Jazz and Art Festival' Orlando, Florida.
  • 'Estival Jazz' Lugano, Switzerland.
  • 'Visions of Kerouac' Pilot Light Theatre at the Half Moon, London, UK.

Her work has been covered in a variety of newspapers and magazines in the UK, Switzerland and California, USA.

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